About Xamsa Squash

Xamsa was initially founded by Peter Urkedal, a passionate squash player from Norway who currently resides in London, Ontario.

In 2014, Peter Urkedal partnered with Tim Burganov, the founder of SportsVirtuoso.com in Montreal, and Xamsa Squash cooperative was established.

There are two main ideas behind Xamsa Squash:

1. To offer ‘advanced’ products at ‘intermediate’ prices

We neither plan to make profit nor do we have an expensive business structure to support.

We have a simple model in mind: By squash players for squash players.

All we want is to cover basic operational expenses and pass the savings on to squash players.

As such, our prices reflect the minimal cost of bringing products to market.

2. To support grassroots squash movements

There are many aspects of squash that we want to spend our energy on and we will constantly be in touch with supporters to see what we can do to promote squash on a local level. We will soon start a blog where everybody is welcome to participate by providing opinions and feedback.

While we are based in Canada, we would like to expand our efforts to include other countries as well. We want to see squash grow at an international level, and would love to do anything to help such a cause.

3. Squash Fund and Camps

Being squash players ourselves, we realize how difficult it is to improve your squash skills.

While most of us want to improve, very few can afford spending $40-$60 per lesson.

So as of now, we want to start by creating a Squash Fund. We will divide our distribution into 3 squash regions: Ontario, Quebec and the rest of Canada. We will deposit $5 from every Xamsa racket sale into the corresponding Squash Fund depending on squash player location.

According to how much money we are able to deposit into the Squash Fund, we will organize amateur squash camps for every level once or several times a year by inviting coaches and top Canadian players to assist.

We’d love to see similar initiatives in other countries as well and we will be happy to assist Xamsa distributors around the world any way we can.

Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us directly if you have any questions or suggestions.

We hope you will be a partner of Xamsa Squash in any possible way!

Peter Urkedal
Tel.: 1(519)476-4410
[email protected]
Tim Burganov
[email protected]